Get Your Own Real Estate In Monaco Area


Editor’s Note: Occasionally, an item pops up on one of the real estate news groups that is extraordinarily revealing of the way some people think. Such was the case last week on the RealTalk list. We’ll just let the original writer tell the story.

Last month, in a survey in Today’s Monaco Realtor, members were asked if they would support a proposal to require homeowners with the audacity to try to sell their own home, which they bought with their own money, to pay for $1,000 license from their local government and be required to sit through six hours of course so that they can properly educate consumers (this is more than many states require of licensees). Not even one of them suggested that a homebuyer should be required to buy a license and take courses. Just goes to show you that the Monaco estate industry is still giving preferential treatment to sellers!

And would you believe that 1093 members called in to vote. And dang it if those friends of the consumer didn’t vote 774-319 in favor of requiring those durned sellers to buy a license and take a few courses in order to protect the general consuming public from themselves. (more…)

Truck Sleeper Cabs


Ask around and they’ll line up to tell you. Whoever’s been building sleepers just hasn’t figured it out yet. They’ll say a box hasn’t been made that can give back what the road takes away. At least, not yet.
So we listened. To every gripe, complaint, and suggestion you ever had. And we used them from the drawing board all the way down to our plant floor. Every step, guided by the real men and women who call these highrises home.

The result? The most livable sleeper ever built. We call it the Millennium™ Truck Sleeper. The 74″ box stands 8 feet tall with 340 cubic feet of stretching room. Or as one driver described it, “plenty of room to stand up and change your shorts.” When you reach for the fridge, it’s exactly where you expected it to be. Something our engineers call ergonomics. Something drivers call common sense. We used a lot of both when designing the cargo space. Forty-five cubic feet in the sleeper. With curtains and cargo nets to keep things secured in your diesel truck. Plus another 125 lbs. of storage capacity waiting overhead. (more…)

VA doctor uses alcohol to induce ‘controlled heart attack’ cure


Robert Simone works as a magician in the Muscle Shoals area, but it’s doubtful he will ever top the medical trick just performed on him by Dr. Raed Aqel at the Birmingham VA Medical Center.


Aqel, an interventional cardiologist, threaded a catheter Tuesday into an artery that feeds blood to a faulty part of Simone’s heart and delivered a tiny shot of alcohol. The result was a carefully controlled heart attack that resulted in a remarkably quick improvement to Simone’s health. (more…)

Calhoun plans high-tech camp for kids


DECATUR – A.J. Tillman can design his own, 3-D house on a computer screen.

He can build a MiG-21 aircraft and make it fly in that same digital environment. (more…)

WaterMark greets first birthday with goals beaten, growth planned


WaterMark Place opened last November as an unfinished product.

During the busy holiday shopping season, WaterMark Place shoppers had to dodge puddles and heavy machinery as they hunted bargains. (more…)

Channel 13 manager resigning


Gary Stokes is leaving WVTM-Channel 13 after five years as the NBC affiliate’s general manager.

Stokes told members of the station’s staff Thursday morning he is resigning. He said he will likely spend another week or two at the station and then use vacation time until the end of the year. (more…)

Edgar’s Bakery on the rise


Edgar’s Old Style Bakery is on a roll.

The company is investing $1.6 million in a new commercial bakery in Pelham that should boost its wholesale business and position it to open as many as five new retail locations in Birmingham. (more…)