Get your music out there!

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Assuming that you hold up for expanding your audience with your stunning and most recent music albums, it is going to take numerous years to attain the curious place. Getting the consideration of involved individuals to your website is no more a perplexing errand. We give the right promotions as stated by the necessity of our clients. Its regular, higher position on Soundcloud can build your rank. Getting real Soundcloud Followers is no longer an unmanageable process.  And this is where promotion service comes in handy; the Soundcloud account needs several hundred dollars to advertise your tracks and profile; then again you can begin your work on social networking sites simply by sharing with people. Assuming that you are an amateur artist or singer, start with the little investments and get some noticeable followers to your account.

It is definitely our assurance that our followers are legitimate and precise. We give true individuals to Soundcloud Plays. The amount of …

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The Atomic Shopping Cart

“Children need money. As they grow older, they need more money. They need money for essentially the same reasons that adults need money. They need to buy stuff.”
~ Donald C. Medeiros
CHICAGO – In a time of global terrorism, conflicts in the Middle East and a growing budget shortfall, what kind of insanity would compel someone to spend $700 million on the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI)?

You’d either have to be nuts or a Republican (or, like a child, you have bad dreams and only a $700 million lollipop will let you sleep soundly at night).

It was a dark and stormy night in the summer of 1999. Some 23 years before, the U.S. Congress in 1976 had established the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) with a broad mandate to advise the president and others within the executive office on the impacts of science and technology on domestic and international affairs.

In the summer of 1999, the OSTP had presented a report to Congress that said: “The rest of the world is spending more on nanotechnology than we are” and “we will lose the technical high ground – again – just like we did with televisions, automobiles and memory chips.”

It’s not that any of the members of Congress had a clue as to just what nanotechnology was, but they all knew the Japanese were spending $400 million per year on nanotechnology and if the U.S. didn’t start then, the future of the world’s economy would …

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Chicago Biotech Mushroomed From Amgen


While most of Chicago’s great bluesmen (Michael Bloomfield of the “Butterfield Blues Band” and “Electric Flag”) and blueswomen left Chicago for New York and the west coast during the heyday of electric blues in the 1960s and 70s, a few stayed loyal to the home turf (Buddy Guy).

Likewise, though biotech definitely didn’t start in Chicago, its biggest company, Amgen, surely did. Like the blues, Chicago is beginning to put its imprint on this field.

The great Chicago bluesmen of biotech are helping establish this area on the national scene. This includes people like Bill Gantz of Baxter and Pathogenesis fame and now Ovation Pharmaceuticals. A number of the Pathogenesis executives have in turn started up several new companies in the area.

Others like John Kapoor of Lyphomed and Unimed fame have developed a plethora of companies like Lake Forest, Ill.-based NeoPharm. It is these serial entrepreneurs that will and are leading the Chicago charge.

If we include a long list of Abbott, Baxter and Searle senior executives that are now running biotech companies on the east coast, west coast and the U.K., the Chicago effect is even greater (now if we can only get them to come back here).

So what is the roadmap for 2003? Two weeks ago, the Illinois Biotech Industry Organization (IBIO) (disclosure: columnist is affiliated with IBIO) put together five investment banking analysts and bankers to scope out what happened last year and where we might go this year. Their conclusions:

The Amex and …

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Chicago: Home to Virtual Mafia

From its origins as an empty “.org” domain name, co-founders and developers Aaron Grublesky, Andrew Heidgerken and Anthony Buglio have created a viciously vociferous base of users from across the globe. The site was recently named to’s 100 Greatest Online Games.

“The traffic growth has been explosive,” Heidgerken said. “We now have more than 2,400 individual gamers per day with nearly 4,000 registered users on the site who spend an average of 30 minutes per day on the system. is attracting nearly 100,000 online player minutes per day.”

The growing popularity of is a microcosm of a larger trend in online gaming. As the market for competitive online community gaming has exploded, it has also attracted major investment dollars from technology kingpins like Sony and Microsoft. Each company has invested billions of dollars in “traditional” online PC games and in online enabling their respective PlayStation 2 and Xbox gaming consoles.

Microsoft entered the online fray with extreme force in late 2002 by spending hundreds of millions of dollars in the launch of its Xbox Live system, which links thousands of active Xbox players together in real-time competition. According to James Allard, general manager of Microsoft Xbox, Xbox gamers logged more than one million hours in the first week of play.

Though online gaming is turning out to be highly lucrative for both corporations and game publishers alike, externalities do exist. Many of the games are violent and have a strong tendency to be addictive to users who …

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Columbia Martyrs Didn’t Die in Vain

CHICAGO – I’m as far from callous as the next guy who avows empathy, but bettering human life sometimes requires the sacrifice of human death.

Though the seven brave souls who perished aboard the incinerated Space Shuttle Columbia didn’t choose to die, they chose to fly and embraced the consequences of their heroism.

The peacefulness of space is as alien to me as tasting death itself, but Columbia’s crash evokes to mind the movie “Contact” with Jodie Foster, who starred as “Ellie” the atheist scientist. I think of her being whisked away millions of light years to a time and a place that man couldn’t venture to in a thousand lifetimes.

There, she’s on a delusional beach. There, she’s the one human being out of billions who was chosen to confront an alien species for a greater good. There, she’s alone in her humanity.

Though she blasted back to Earth in a swift jiffy and arrived intact, she was prepared to surrender her life for the answer to a fleeting question that had cosmic implications (“Why?”). Though cliché, in her zealous brain, the good of the many outweighed the good of one. Held true to another chestnut, her little life was worth the chance for such mammoth corollaries.

Laurel Clark, who ePrairie has grown to hold especially dear following an interview a day before her launch, knew Ellie’s rationale with uncanny precision. So did Rick Husband, Kalpana Chawla, William McCool, David Brown, Michael Anderson and Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon, who …

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Can Jellyvision Charm Real World With Gaming Craze?

CHICAGO – Do games emulate life or does life emulate games?
For Chicago-based Jellyvision, creator of the highly interactive “You Don’t Know Jack” game series, the same principals that drive its entertainment are now being extended into the real world. First stop: Chicago’s Columbia College.

Running up against competitive interest from Northwestern University and the University of Illinois at Chicago, Columbia College’s David Gerding best clicked with Jellyvision founder and CEO Harry Gottlieb. Gerding, an interactive multimedia professor at Columbia College, is one of Jellyvision’s more rabid fans.

“I had been using You Don’t Know Jack in class as an example of good interactive design. I met Harry years ago at a game developer’s conference and said we want to be the site he partners with educationally,” Gerding said. “The conversational interface used in the game has pioneered a dominant new way of thinking as a replacement for navigational graphical interfaces like the Web.”

Gerding says the ultimate shortfall of a participant-driven medium like the Web (rather than a user-driven medium like Jellyvision’s game) is its passive nature. If your computer screen stays on one Web site for 60 minutes, chances are you’ll see the same content when you return. The missing link, Gerding says, is the prompt to engage.

“The brilliant thing about Jack is the visceral and engaging quality of TV that still remains highly interactive. No one else has done it consistently and done it consistently well,” Gerding said. “It’s the same suspension of disbelief at the …

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Secrets of eBay Will Be Revealed in Chicago

CHICAGO – We all know there’s money to be made on eBay, but with so much user competition, we all don’t know how to be that choice listing that buyers end up buying.
In about a week’s time, it’ll be the charge of Jim Griffith (known in eBay’s inner circles just as “Griff”) to impart the esoteric ingredients of that formula onto sellers across Chicago.

As part of a three-day road show from March 13 through March 15, Griffith and crew will be putting on an educational event to teach Chicagoans the tricks of the virtual trade.

Through a program called eBay University, Griffith, who is its dean of education and one of its instructors, says the goal is to “give back to the community” and help newbie and veteran sellers become standout auctioneers. He added: “We don’t do it to make money directly on the event. People have asked us to do it.”

Giving back to the community is another way of saying that eBay loses money on the deal.

Griffith says eBay “doesn’t even come close to breaking even” through its eBay University program, which travels across the nation and costs $25 to attend. The fee includes registration, course handouts and coffee. Griffith says the attendance cost shouldn’t be so pricey that it’s prohibitive, but on the other hand, free was too cheap.

“We tried giving it away in the beginning,” Griffith said, adding that eBay University began in June 2000 in San Diego. “People didn’t come. They …

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Marketing is a Reluctant, Necessary Evil

CHICAGO – Are you a reluctant marketer? The first indication that you might be a reluctant marketer is you’ve eyed the word “marketing” and you’re reluctantly still reading this column. If you need stronger evidence, it’s time to assess your RQ.

The reluctance quotient test is quick and painless. Quickly scan the following list and keep track of how many statements sound like you:

You find it hard to find time to even think about marketing because you have so many other priorities.
You’re trying to conserve every penny. Spending scarce funds on marketing just doesn’t seem justifiable.
You hate to invest in projects with questionable returns.
You prefer tangible results and become impatient with abstract concepts.
You’ve heard one too many horror stories about marketing budgets that don’t produce results.
You dislike conversations with vague, unfamiliar vocabulary.
You’ve marketed ideas before but have always come up short.
The kind of networking you enjoy involves software and routers rather than social events and cocktail parties.
You never quite thought of a “marketing major” as a real degree.
You secretly believe there’s a special place in hell for most salespeople.
The more statements that match your mindset, the greater your marketing reluctance. If five or more items exude you, you’re a full-fledged reluctant marketer. Even if you answered only one item “yes,” you are experiencing some degree of marketing reluctance.

You are hardly alone. Reluctant marketers are everywhere and come in all shapes, sizes and situations. They include:

Gurus with terrific …

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